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  • All our pricing is published so you know exactly what you will pay.
  • With Payatrader you only pay a card processing fee when you accept a payment.
  • There's no monthly or minimum service charges or other financial or contractual committments.
  • We don't charge for using the technology needed to process a payment (except face-to face payments where you need to pay for a terminal or card reader), which means you can upload payment buttons to your website, take payments by telephone or use our email and invoice links without incurring additional fees.
  • Our card processing fees are based on the sum total of your weekly card payments. These automatically reduce as your turnover increases
  • While we can't promise to always be the lowest cost provider, we're confident that we offer the best value for money as a result of the rich functionality that's included with your account and inclusive multi-channel capability.

Reducing rates

Rates are based on your total card sales per week and automatically adjust to ensure you get the best rate. For Visa & MasterCard transactions, the rate payable is:

Weekly sales band = the rate you pay:
0.00 to 500.00 = 2.90%
500.01 to 1000.00 = 2.70%
1000.01 to 2500.00 = 2.50%
2500.01 and over = 2.30%

American Express costs 2.95% per transaction irrespective of your weekly card turnover. Rates apply to both credit and debit card payments.

Refunds are charged at 2.00%.

A minimum fee of 30 pence applies to all transactions. Please note this is not an additional charge and only applies where the total cost of a transaction is less than 30 pence, typically on sales under 10.00.

Transaction fees are VAT exempt.

Other fees

It costs 99.00 to join Payatrader. This is a one-off payment.

Additional Account ID's are FREE. These enable you to identify which business partner or employee has processed a payment. You can request up to 99 linked account ID's.

Payments processed using our 24/7 contact centre are subject to a charge of 3.00 plus the normal transaction fee.

The cost of processing a chargeback is 25.00.

Chip & PIN terminalsa re available from just 2.50 +VAT per week. When ordering Chip & PIN terminals you will be asked to pay a 50.00 refundable deposit per terminal. You will not be asked to sign a fixed term contract and the terminal can be returned at any time. However, If you return the terminal within 12 months your deposit will be retained to cover refurbishment and administration.

Payatrader Lite

This product is a 'lite' version of Payatrader. Please visit the Payatrader Lite menu for information on fees.

Larger Business?

Our Pay Monthly Direct Merchant Account is for businesses with higher card turnovers or that prefer to have their own merchant account. It offers competitive rates from 0.44% on debit cards and 0.80% for credit cards.

If you're taking card payments worth more than 25,000 each year you could be better off. To find out more, please visit or call us on 0333 123 1243

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Larger Business?